Sunday, March 24, 2013

Moving to MailChimp (...If I can figure it out...)

To my email subscribers:

So as many of you know, Feedburner is slowly failing. Epically. I am going to try to import my email subscribers to their website, but you might want to make sure that I get you on there. Sorry about the hassle, but I have so many problems with Feedburner that I just need to switch. 

I am trying to create the MailChimp emails now, so I should have it up by tomorrow, when I'm pretty sure you'll get this post in your inbox. 

Sorry again about the hassle guys. Hopefully MailChimp will be better for me...and you guys. I know how sporadic Feedburner can be with the activation emails... I don't even get them anymore whenever I try to subscribe to another blog.

To none email subscribers:

Disregard this message. Unless you would like to sign up for my emails... which I would just love! :)


As of 3/24/13 at 1:05AM, Email is fixed!

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