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Book Spotlight: 2:20 (Timeless Trilogy #1) by Holly Hook

Title: 2:20
Series: Timeless Trilogy
Author: Holly Hook
Genre: Young Adult/Teen Romance, Time Travel
Publication Date: 4/15/13

Synopsis: When a date to the dance goes wrong, 17-year-old Julia learns that her past may not be what she thought. The mystery deepens when Simon shows up and claims they shared that past together–in another time–and warns that a powerful force wants to send her back. Julia finds herself growing closer and closer to Simon as she works to unravel her true past. Unfortunately, both he and the truth may kill her.

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I am falling.
The frigid night air screams across my skin. Stars twist and spin overhead, mocking me. I try to scream but the night sucks it out of my lungs.
Time slows.
A light flashes past me. It's only because of it I find I'm not alone.
A boy falls with me, within arm's reach, and the brief flash of light behind him illuminates his dark eyebrows, raised in terror as he reaches out to me. I catch a flash of his earth-brown eyes before darkness swallows us both up again.
"Julia!" he screams, and it's nearly lost in the roar of the air around us.
I lunge for him and my fingers brush his, only to be pulled away again by the rush of air. If these are my last moments, all I want to hold onto is him.
But then another flash of light illuminates him from behind.
Only this one is brighter, golden, from somewhere other than this frigid night.
It sucks him back, pulling him away from me as I keep falling. I reach again, but his hand disappears into the light, which swallows him whole.
The light closes quick as it came, leaving me in this place, falling through the dark, alone.
I try to cry out again, but my throat is raw and my lungs closed. Screams of others surround me, but I've never been more alone in my life.
The impact comes--
--and I open my eyes, sucking in as much air as I can.
My body aches with cold as I hug the blankets closer to my skin. The sharp pain in my chest slowly fades and I hold back a sob.
Julia! His shout reverberates in my head.
I glance around my room to make sure I'm no longer in that dark place. I've kept my light through the night, illuminating my pastel walls in a pointless fight to drive away the nightmare.
It never works.
It's always the same, just like the time on my digital clock. I know what it's going to say before I look, but I blink and do so anyway. It sits on top of my dresser on a heap of clothes, flashing the time at me in a blue that's sad and angry all at once:
2:20 a.m.
It's always 2:20 when I wake up dead.


Author Bio
Holly Hook is the author of the Destroyers series, of which the fifth and final book is due out in May of 2013. She is also the author of the Rita Morse Series and a stand-alone young adult comedy novella titled After These Messages. She has just released 2:20, the first book of the Timeless Trilogy

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